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Geeta is a licensed acupuncturist with a Master's of Acupuncture Degree from Maryland University of Integrative Health. She strongly believes in educating and empowering her patients to make better decisions about their health over the long term in addition to receiving the attuned support of Classical Chinese Medicine.

Geeta specializes in internal medicine and works frequently with patients who suffer from any chronic conditions including: autoimmunity, gastrointestinal concerns, respiratory issues, fertility/GYN, anxiety/stress, insomnia, headaches and fatigue.  Herbal Medicine and custom diet reccomendations are prescribed for each patient.  

"I find this ancient medicine to be more relevant today in the modern world than ever, by bringing us back to a much needed sense of inner peace and healing. I work in partnership with my patients to find out what's at the heart of the matter and help to promote self-healing. I love what I do."  


Geeta has a natural healing presence- she approaches her practice with warmth, calm and wisdom.... which serve to put me at ease.
— Washington DC, website developer
After great success with acupuncture, I now recommend it to everyone! Thank you so much for listening, for offering relief and providing me with hope.
— Columbia, MD, Federal consultant
Geeta is one of the most attentive, caring and effective health care practitioners I’ve had the opportunity to work with in nearly 30 years of life.. she will be a blessing to anyone she works with.
— DC area, grad student